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#937802 by Treelo
25 Aug 2017, 18:28
Normally when flying from MAN we stay overnight at the Radisson and use their Park and Fly option. Next time we leave from there, our flight isn't until mid-afternoon, therefore making an overnight hotel stay unnecessary - we are only an hour or so from MAN.
However, anyone got any idea why I can't book T2 multi storey (not meet and greet as I prefer to hang on to my keys)? Every car park company I try tells me that there are no places available for my dates (Jun 18). Is there some great event happening that has sold out all the parking spaces? Any help would be appreciated.
#937809 by sunny23uk
25 Aug 2017, 22:43
The whole terminal is being expanded and based on the visuals, there will be a new access road directly into where the car park currently is for drop offs, and a new, bigger car park alongside it. That's just what it looks like on the video though.
#937810 by Kraken
25 Aug 2017, 22:56
I am guessing it's all down to the commencement of the T2 expansion works. When I landed back in MAN back in June, the person collecting me tried to get into the T2 multi-storey [short stay]. The ticket machine was just saying the car park was full when it was not.

He used the intercom & was directed to a new short-stay surface car park right on the very West-side of T2. Beyond all the contact gates & the 2 or 3 surface parking stands. If you look on Google Earth at MAN T2, it was the car-park to the left of the Thomson Dreamliner parked on stand 219. (Seems stand 215 corresponds to gate 201).

To make matters better the workmen were still putting up hoarding & fencing everywhere, so the courtesy bus could not access this car park (am guessing it had only just gone into use). A nice walk back to the car from T2 arrivals with luggage (thankfully I had wheelie cases as the road / pavements lacked dropped kerbs in places which would have made an airport trolley difficult. The surface of the car park itself was loose stone chips, again ideal for trolleys, not!)

Whilst I realise some disruption is inevitable during the MAN construction works (not least because the car park needs extending & the new drop-off area will be at roof level of the T2 multi-storey). They need to sort something out though. Meet & Greet will stay open for now doubtless as it's a nice earner... but it will have to move at some point as the land it uses is needed for the carpark extension.
#937811 by mitchja
25 Aug 2017, 23:24
Whenever I use MAN, I always use either Jet Parks 1 or 2 for parking. They are both close to T2 and they both operate automatic number plate recognition entry with self-parking so you don’t have to hand your keys in anywhere and you can park where you want. They operate free shuttle buses to & from all the terminals every 15 minutes or so and have numerous bus stops dotted around each car park so you also don’t have to walk far to catch a bus either.

It’s takes about 10 minutes to get to the terminals (depending on which one you need).

Don’t use Jet Parks 3 though unless you have to, as that is quite some distance away from the terminals.
#937832 by Treelo
26 Aug 2017, 15:33
Thanks for the advice guys. Didn't realise the extent of the expansion at MAN - looks like there is going to be hassle there for some years!

Having had a couple of bad experiences with remote car parks in the past (well problems with the shuttle buses really), I guess I'll just need to bite the bullet and use meet and greet - and leave my keys!! - but I have a 10% off email from Holiday Extras which will help.
#937841 by Janeclar
26 Aug 2017, 21:12
I have used Terminal 2 Meet and Greet at least twice a year for years!!! I usually pay less than £50 for 2 weeks. The drop off and pick up is a couple of minutes walk from the terminal. The whole operation is very efficient - car is scanned on arrival, check in is quick and the car has always been waiting on my return! I would not use anything else.
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