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#939792 by JoeClark
22 Nov 2017, 11:22
I will be going from Orlando (would prefer Tampa but it is way more expensive!) to London in July and am trying to decide which airline to fly. I will be traveling economy class. The only thing I am a bit picky about is I don't want to take a flight that ends up being 15+ hours due to layovers. I have pretty much narrowed it down to British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. Who is better for food? Customer service? FA's? General flight experience? The prices are within $20 of each other so that isn't a big deal. The only advantage that BA has right now is that I wouldn't have to check a bag as they allow 2 carry on bags where Virgin only allows 1 in economy. I would appreciate feedback as I really need to get this trip booked!
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#939794 by gumshoe
22 Nov 2017, 12:58
In economy the food and service is much of a muchness to be honest. You’ll get a hot dinner, breakfast snack and drinks on both.

But on BA you’ll get a rather rundown 777 - possibly with 10 across (it’s currently 9 but they’re due to squeeze in more seats soon).

On VS you’ll get a 747 that’s been relatively recently refurbished, and if you can get a seat in the mini cabin upstairs it’s probably as good an economy experience as it’s possible to have!

(BA do offer premium meals, at extra cost, and a pre-order service - but only on flights out of Heathrow so not the MCO route.)
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#939798 by tontybear
22 Nov 2017, 13:22
I agree in Y there are very much of a muchness. Depending on how much travel you do in the USA you might want to take into account whichever miles programme you may be a member of.

Be careful though with the 'BA allow two carry on bags' though as there are still size limits and the second bag has a smaller dimension than the first and should go under the seat in front so you may not get the full leg room.
#939946 by Lucydog
30 Nov 2017, 12:26
The option I looked at was LGW/ATL VA or DEL then ATL to TPA with 2hr wait to transfer. slightly more but I know folk who do this and then go down to naples. Tampa airport is going through some updating. me I would go man/atl then atl/tpa. My friends have used BA but think its very run down but if you are not fussy you can get a cheaper deal.
#939958 by clarkeysntfc
30 Nov 2017, 22:41
BA's Gatwick 777 fleet is clapped out with really tiny IFE screens.

You might get a refitted aircraft but that comes at the cost of an additional seat in each row.

I would fly VS, or go via Atlanta as others have suggested.
#939962 by Sealink
01 Dec 2017, 04:02
You're on Vflyer so Virgin all the way.

Remember that their Atlanta route is currently operated by DL. Which in J definitely has better food. Sure Y food is superior too.
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