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#926448 by stevebrass
22 Sep 2016, 04:42
Ground Staff
Food & Drink
Cabin Crew
Short trip to continue our holiday on the west coast.

We did olci and arrived at LAS 2 hours before scheduled take off. Baggage drop quickly done with welcoming and friendly VX member.

We were TSA pre for some reason so little hassle in clearing security.

All good. Our flight was a little delayed in arriving from SFO due to adverse winds at the airport there.

Ground crew and then captain announced we would be delayed as SFO were switching runways.

In passing through the gate we were asked if we would mind a piece of cabin luggage going in the hold. No problem. We only did not check it in before to save $25.

Left the gate about 2 hours late and sat in a queue for takeoff. Then another switch at SFO, resulting in another 2 hour delay.

Kept well informed all the time. Flight was uneventful (we were impressed by the ordering of food/drink via the ife).

Approached SFO runway. Nice gentle descent until at about 50 ft we stopped descending; level flight for a second or two then up we went again.

Our first ever go around. Captain explained that a previously landed flight had not cleared the runway.

Landed 10 minutes later. Delays apart (well handled by VX) a good flight with a little frisson at the end.

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