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#927448 by Sealink
16 Oct 2016, 03:27
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My first Virgin Atlantic flight in three years! (excluding Little Red!).

This was my flight home after my third trip to Boston - it was pouring with rain the day we arrived but the sun eventually appeared for the last four days, and was glorious!

During my time in Boston I revisited the Prudential Tower, the Pour House and the Aquarium.
This time I went for a trip to Salem which was a lovely little town, all decked out for Halloween (and with lots and lots of witch themed shops!).

I was also looking forward to trying the famous Boston Clubhouse, would I be disappointed? Read on!

I took a taxi from the hotel to the airport, as I couldn't be bothered to use public transport!

I really like Terminal E - there's something about the polished wood that just makes it feel quite refined, and every time I have been there there has been a lovely sense of calm.


The bag drop area was not open at the time we arrived, but was able to use the time to help a baffled passenger to use the kiosk to check-in.

Staff were shortly on the scene sorting out the priority queues. Slightly annoyingly, the UC queue was moving really slowly, while Y passengers were handled much more efficiently.

Eventually a very pleasant staff member checked us in and gave us directions to the Clubhouse.

Boston security was about to go down as the slowest 'fast track' service when they opened two new lanes, right in front of me!! Yay!
Quickly through, I was in a hurry to get to the clubhouse I had heard so much about.


And it did not disappoint. Small but perfect, the welcome on arrival was unexpected, with a tour of the space and an introduction to the staff who would be serving.

One of whom discovered I liked Bloody Mary's so made it her mission to make me the perfect one, experimenting with varying degrees of spice and alcohol. This was AFTER I'd had a few Champagnes and local beers. :cool:

I ordered the Clam Chowder which was totally delicious, and then afterwards helped myself to some cakes.


I'm told this is quite famous.


Every so often one of the staff would check in on us which was really nice and again, a world apart from my experience of any other airline lounge.

Boarding was announced and sadly we made our way out of the clubhouse to the plane.

Priority boarding was in place but we were a bit late anyway but didn't have to wait any time.

Lovely staff welcomed us on board, with three people working the UC A340-600 cabin; Champagne was gratefully received (have Virgin stopped serving Champagne in the lovely coupe glasses?)



I had an entire overhead locker to myself. But still managed to fill the seat with my stuff.



As this was a late departure a slimmed down menu was offered, and I have to say the food was not great. The steak was overdone, the cabbage looked black, and it was just not appetising. I would recommend dining in the Clubhouse rather than on board.


The inflight entertainment was OK, nothing inspiring but I did manage to watch Star Trek Beyond.

Amenity kit - it had a few bits and peices like toothpaste, toothbrush, eye mask, ear plugs and some Rituals lip balm etc.


What I loved was the rhubarb hand wash and cream in the loos.

I always feel wide awake on overnight flights, but I found myself being woken gently by the loveliest crew member to offer breakfast.

At the time I only wanted an orange juice which was served promptly. My pal ordered breakfast and then the same crew member came to see me to double check that I really didn't want anything to eat. By now, the smell of bacon was permeating the cabin and she sympathised and a bacon roll was served soon after, with a mug of coffee.

There was a bit of turbulence - for some reason I am becoming an anxious flyer - but it passed and we had a perfect landing at Heathrow, with a lovely view of Windsor Castle on the approach.




What was noticeable on both by DL flight to BOS and this one, was that business appears to be booming - this flight was full (in UC) and I recall the captain saying there were 251 people on board and 15 crew.

Where it was another first - the revivals lounge!

Again, a small but lovely space, where my shirt was ironed as I showered and a lovely breakfast was served.
I probably overstayed my welcome as my pal had a train to catch at 3pm so we had lots of free time.

An Uber was ordered to take us to Central London (cheaper than two Heathrow Express tickets!) and I arrived home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and looking forward to my next Virgin flight in November. (Grenada, from Gatwick, first time using the Clubhouse there!)

In summary, the food was average, entertainment average, seat was good but time and again Virgin blow me away with their staff.
They make the brand. Long Live Virgin!
#927449 by buns
16 Oct 2016, 07:34

Thank you for yet another sterling TR, complemented by your super photos that always capture the moment.

Yes, the Coupe glasses made a swift retreat - no doubt something to do with them always being bashed against the light fitting ;-)

I have not visited the Boston Clubhouse for some time and to know that it is still as good as I remember (as well as some of the sights you vissited in Boston) is giving me that yearning to go back!!

I see you are intending to visit the Gatwick Clubhouse in a few weeks time - I sincerely hopethat you are not disappointed as you get to see it before it moves in January.

Thanks once again

#927451 by jfenney
16 Oct 2016, 09:40
Great TR Billy as usual, cannot wait for your Grenada review as we are heading there in December :-D
#927458 by pjh
16 Oct 2016, 11:12
Keeping up standards of TR, photography and enjoyment here. Thank you.

We too liked the Boston CH for its cosiness and local beer offerings.
#927461 by ColOrd
16 Oct 2016, 11:30
Excellent Trip Report! Glad you had a great trip, I have fallen in love with Boston I have to admit!

Did you get any other pictures of the inside of the CH?
#927481 by Bretty
16 Oct 2016, 18:07
Thanks Billy for a great TR and with the addition of photos, which I tend to forget, thank you. Sounds like you had a great trip. I loved Boston but sadly my OH didn't so I don't see us returning anytime soon. And of course, the clubhouse lived up to expectations for me, so cosy and such friendly staff who actively encouraged me to drink my fill!
#927482 by marshy11
16 Oct 2016, 18:33
Another typical Sealink TR. Typical because of the expert photography and attention to detail. Sounds like you had a great re-introduction to VS.

As for Grenada. Undoubtably one of the most beautiful islands, full of very recent history (makes you shudder). If you are anywhere near Grande Anse beach you will be in heaven.
#927498 by tomthumb
16 Oct 2016, 21:05
Thank you for great TR and pictures - the CH at Boston is a great little place and the staff are great.
#927743 by tontybear
23 Oct 2016, 23:04
This is a more than adequate substitute for the TR I should have written from March!

Glad you liked Salem. Aside from the Witch Trial it has a very interesting maritime history and the Peabody-Essex Museum is well worth a visit - both of which get ignored by the witch trial 'industry'

Also in Salem is a lovely bar and sea food restaurant that served the most delicious sea food salad (served in a jar). You went to the same one!
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