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#930481 by linb121
23 Dec 2016, 15:07
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My trip started with a long stay in the clubhouse. I had spent the previous night meeting friends and staying in a hotel not far from Heathrow. So it was a waste of time and fuel for me to go home and not straight to the airport. I booked the flight by telephone, and the woman on the phone suggested that as I was driving myself to the airport I could use Purple Parking as there was an arrangement with them to collect the car from the upper wing, she had been very helpful throughout the booking, and found me the flights I wanted that allowed me to use my flying club miles.

Although I was a little early the Upper Class Wing staff were fine with this and I was through into the departure lounge in no time. I usually use Gatwick airport but had no problem finding the Heathrow lounge from the instructions given. I left my bag with the porter and booked treatments at the salon. I enjoyed the Heathrow lounge but think I prefer the one at Gatwick. I had some food and a couple of nice cocktails and read my book while waiting for flight.

There was a problem boarding as the computer system went down and the ground staff had to board everyone manually which delayed departure. Once boarded, I found my seat, 8A with no problems. I chose this seat as it is quite far from the bar and facing the back of the middle row so one of the quietest seats in upper class. After a glass of champagne and a slightly delayed departure we had a smooth takeoff and the flight was fairly uneventful. Dinner was served about an hour into the flight. I did not choose a first course but opted for the beef and the orange flavoured bread and butter pudding. The beef was not that great but the pudding was nice. The crew then dimmed the lights and I watched a movie before dozing. I find it more comfortable sitting with the seat fully reclined than converted into a flat bed. I never sleep that well but the cabin was generally quiet. I was offered some breakfast before landing but just chose juice and a cup of tea. As one of the first off I cleared customs and immigration in no time at all. Because of the lateness of the flight JFK was quiet. There was no queue for a taxi, and after landing at 11:30 I was at the hotel by 12.45. All in all a pleasant flight.

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