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#933088 by sythe20
26 Feb 2017, 08:39
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This was our first time in VS Y, and luckily we were scheduled on the Dreamliner. Unlike 'the nightmare flight' coming back (stay tuned), we were pleasantly surprised.

Our trip to Hong Kong was for our wedding anniversary, so for a long time int he run up to the flights we tried to upgrade with miles to no avail. Unfortunately we are only able to travel during school holidays, so it wasn't a huge surprise.

We booked the No1. Traveller Lounge in an attempt to 'offset' this. Security was surprisingly nice and light so we were through in a breeze. The lounge unfortunately not so. Barely a table in sight, and the usual hordes of noisy children/adults. As I went to help myself to some scones, one devil child dropped the serving tongs on the floor and then simply placed them back :mrgreen: We did eventually find a seat, but no charging points available.

We had checked in using the Android VS app, and so had our boarding passes on our phones. Or so we thought. When it was time to leave the lounge, we checked the app and the passes had somehow vanished! Queue a little bit of panic whilst we frantically try to find the VS customer service desk to try and get things sorted. They eventually printed us physical passes, and also said we weren't the first this had happened to. It's put me off using the app next time...

Boarding was smooth and pretty much everyone was boarded at once. We were lucky enough to secure 3 seats to ourselves, despite the flight being relatively busy.

We pushed back on time and the captain announced a smooth flight ahead. Dinner was served, and I have to say, WOW - the vegetarian meals in Y are totally on parr with what was offered in UC. Very impressed :D

Managed to sleep a little bit after watching Bidget Jones' Baby, and we arrived in Hong Kong a few minutes ahead of schedule.

Took a little bit to get through immigration, and then to get an MTR ticket to Central.

Overall, a very respectable flight - unlike the return...
#933090 by marshy11
26 Feb 2017, 09:02
Apart from the panic situation with the boarding pass it sounds like you had as good as flight as possible.
#933092 by hiljil
26 Feb 2017, 09:34
Oh dear. Thank goodness the outbound flight , with a few minor blips, was enjoyable. I hate to think what happened on the return. :-O Hopefully you had a great time in Hong Kong.

Thank you for posting.
#933106 by tomthumb
26 Feb 2017, 20:38
Good to hear that the flight was good - thanks for posting
#933118 by sythe20
27 Feb 2017, 06:30
Traveller2 wrote:What did you think of the Dreamliner?

Well it wasn't our first time on the Dreamliner, just first time on it in Y. Have done UC and PE before on a 787 and both were great. I think it's a fantastic plane and genuinely feel more rested. Also I don't tend to get any ear problems on the 787.

The only thing I would say is that the toilets don't seem to be separated enough (something I've heard others mention hear before too). I got annoyed even on the Y side of the curtain when a bolshie lady announced to virtually the whole cabin "'ere there are two more toilets right at the front" - queue everyone in Y using the UC and PE loos, with no CC intervention. If I was in either of those cabins I would have been annoyed, and wouldn't dream of using a loo in a cabin I hadn't paid for.
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