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#933461 by oldboy
11 Mar 2017, 17:19
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Unfortunately there was a problem with the barrier at the entrance to DTCI so we were dropped off at the main terminal building. Check in was quick & painless & we were soon seated in the CH Brasserie for breakfast. The extended brasserie made for plenty of space & a good full English was enjoyed. Unusually for us we did nor partake in the bubbly. Following breakfast we settled down at a table close to the bar & were surprised to hear last call for VS117, we weren't aware of any earlier calls. Walked down to the aircraft & went straight on board without any queue & settled in to 8 & 9A.

This was our first flight on the Dreamliner & we were impressed.

All aspects of our flight were good, no complaints at all regarding food, drink or entertainment. CC were also good, FSM did not introduce herself to passengers but she was certainly industrious through out the flight.

On arrival in to Miami International we were pleased to be faced with only a very short queue at immigration.

All in all, a very good VS experience.
#933465 by hiljil
11 Mar 2017, 18:51
Thank you for the TR. What more can one ask : a good flight and a short queue at immigration! :-D
#933469 by marshy11
11 Mar 2017, 19:37
A short queue at Miami is a joy, add the CH and a great flight and you clearly were set for a fantastic break.
#933474 by oldboy
12 Mar 2017, 00:03
Turquoise wrote:Great to hear that your flight was good! We are on the 5 to MIA next weekend and hope it is as good as yours. Could you give me an idea of the menu, please?


I cannot recall the full menu but remember that my wife had the fishcake main course & I had the chicken on outbound flight, both followed up with cheese & port.

On our return flight my wife had steak (had previously said she would never have it again) & said it was good, I had the chicken with spinach which was also good.
#933506 by tomthumb
14 Mar 2017, 20:11
Clearly a good flight and a great start to any holiday- and a short immigration queue to boot !
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