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#934460 by lynnewob
16 Apr 2017, 10:45
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An ex-EU trip via DUB on the Saturday. After driving from the Midlands Sat morning, flying back and forth to DUB (via LHR) and a drive to the Sofitel at LGW, it was nice to wake up Sunday morning and know I have the joy of the new Clubhouse to look forward to.

I was the 3rd person to arrive in the Clubhouse as it was opening 6.45am (just pipped to the post by a couple), so took the opportunity of taking some photos whilst it was empty. I found a lovely corner spot with windows either side to view the runway, requested a bellini and breakfast to start the day off on a nice note.

The spa opened at 7am and I booked a hand and nail treatment for free, followed by a paid for manicure at £16. It was a nice relaxing treatment and I was very pleased as the polish stayed on until Wednesday (usually mine only lasts a day before chipping).

I went online and mentioned I was here and discovered another V-flyer MoJoJo was also here too. We did meet, albeit very briefly as she had a much later flight, and she hopped into my loverly corner aspect seating area to enjoy the remaining time she had left. Nice to meet you Jo.

When checking in, was advised there were 2 seats left in upper but upon boarding, the cabin was full. We were boarded on time but had about a 30 min delay due to a problem in the hold whilst loading luggage. At this stage, the crew took the drinks and meal orders to save some time when in the air.

After take off, I settled in to watch Bad Moms as I like to watch something lighthearted when flying as I get easily distracted with the comings and going in the cabin. This was not meant to be as my IFE froze after about 10 minutes. I decided to go to the bar for a drink and mention it so it could get rebooted. I was told some PE and Econ screeens had frozen too and a full reboot would be done. Regardless, they offered an iPad to use which has the majority of the films loaded.

A gentleman joined me at the bar and we were chatting away for so long, the meal service came round so I decided to eat at the bar which was a first for me. I had the chicken skewers, followed by more chicken as a main and the salted chocolatefor dessert. All were really nice. I was offered more champagne throughout. Another guy came to join us at the bar (standing though as there are only 2 seats) and as per usual the question was asked, why are you going to Vegas. He said he was working and again the standard question of what do you do. Porn star was the response, so we all had a really interesting conversation about that. It was certainly a conversation opener. He was great fun (and sat opposite me on the flight) and was known by a few of the staff on board.

After lunch, I thought the best thing to do was to go for a snooze, so settled down under the duvet. Unfortunately, it didn't happen as there was a call for anyone medically qualified to make themselves known. One poor gentleman had a suspected heart attack. He was in the Upper cabin, so there were a lot of people assisting him. He got off the flight under his own steam thankfully and the crew said they would ensure someone assisted him getting off the flight and with his luggage.

The FSM on board normally worked from LHR but was called in on standby and she probably had one of the busiest flights due to the IFE not working properly and the medical emergency. I do hope she got some rest whilst in Vegas.

At the end of the flight, which was on Ladybird, they said they would hand out letters to everyone about the broken IFE but no one got a letter in Upper - it may be because we were all given ipads though, whereas there wouldn't have been enough to round the whole plane.

I did raise it with Virgin whilst on holiday and they have credited it me with 10k miles.

Anyway, it was an eventful flight. The crew worked very hard in difficult circumsatnces, all with smiles on their faces and the people in upper were a great. Everyone in good spirits looking forward to their break.
#934482 by ColOrd
16 Apr 2017, 20:51
WOW that is a discussion point!

Sounds like a nice flight all around!

Any pics with the "star"? Heehe
#934542 by tomthumb
20 Apr 2017, 13:35
Very eventful flight and interesting passengers - also some extra miles to boot
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