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#934574 by vic110
21 Apr 2017, 22:07
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This was our 1st time going to California and probably our last big family holiday ( well we keep saying that but then we keep taking the kids one more time !) They are 21 and 18 this year so treated them to upper class which they enjoyed. We initially thought we would be on one of the refurbished A330 but unfortunately the seat plan was changed a few days before. and it was not to be. Check in was great, very friendly staff who said that Manchester was becoming very busy now with the new routes which have started now. We went to the lounge which was nice and quiet and served a good breakfast. At this point we had never experienced a 'real' clubhouse but since our return journey from San Francisico we realise that the lounge is just 'ok'.
Bording was quite well organised and we boarded quickly into a busy upper class cabin and was welcomed with a glass of bubbly. Refils were offered and boarding was completed quickly. The captain told us the flight time would be just less than 10hrs which seemed very quick. The crew were a mixed bag really, some were lovely and very attentive especially the FSM who was excellent, while a couple of the, let me say 'experienced' staff were a bit miserable and not very attentive. I think the FSM was aware that some of the crew were letting the team down as he seemed to spend alot of time helping out on our side. Drinks were served quickly and the FSM offered me a refill when I'd finished, I think he was trying to get us all drunk ! As soon as the seatbelt sign was turned off the crew put a curtain around the 1st 6 seats for the rest area for them. The time passed quickly and I even watched a couple of films I chatted to one of the crew who said all they were all excited about the new routes from Manchester and they are all looking forward to exploring the new cities.
It was a very smooth flight and I don't remember the seatbelt sign coming on at all during the flight.I even managed a short nap which is very unusual for me while on a plane (maybe all the alcohol had something to do with that, ha ha) Food was actively offered about 2 hrs before landing and I enjoyed the burger and a very nice cup of tea.
We landed 1 hour and 15 mis early and the captain informed us that the London plane was directly behind us and an A380 had just landed so he advised us to walk fast to immigration. We were off the plane very quickly and through the door at the front of the plane which I've never done before. We were one of the first to join a fairly small line at immigration but it still stook around an hour to get through to the baggage area. There was some issue with the ESTA system so it was taking ages. There was a massive line behind us so I'm glad we were quick off the plane.
Our bags were waiting for us and a quick journey on the train took us to the car hire and off to our 1st night in San Francisico. I do think the A330's are definately ready for a refit as they are looking a bit tatty and the seats are quite worn and tired. All in all a great flight and I can't wait to go back to San Francisico, hopefully in upper class.
#934575 by DocRo
22 Apr 2017, 00:12
Thanks for the report. Hope you had a great holiday. Look forward to a return report (please) as we are doing SFO-MAN in July - hopefully in 1-1-1 configuration
#934576 by mitchja
22 Apr 2017, 00:38
Thanks for the first SFO TR from MAN :cool:

Glad you had a good flight.

I've noticed that the VS19 flight from LHR seems to be around 10-20mins behind the MAN flight, so that's another bonus for MAN PAX!!

I'm on the inaugural JFK flight from MAN in a few weeks (in Premium) which I'm really looking forward to. It's still showing an old A333 config for my flights as well. I think that's going to need another A333 at MAN as that's daily isn't it, so it will be even busier at MAN! I will do TR for that one :-D
#934577 by Neil
22 Apr 2017, 03:33
Nice TR, thanks for posting.
Interesting comment about the ETSA system being down, it was the same for us when we arrived at MCO on the 9th April, so everyone who used the self service immigration machines got the big x through their picture and had to see an agent properly. I wonder if it's a reoccurring issue with the ETSA system?
#934760 by tomthumb
29 Apr 2017, 01:33
Thanks for the TR - the new configuration is good
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