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#935081 by tomthumb
09 May 2017, 15:38
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The journey home is always hard but 24 hours before our flight I did the OLCI and saw that we were on an Airbus which hadn't been upgraded - can't have everything I guess, but as it was a night flight I didn't worry about that at all.

We were picked up by our taxi driver and whisked to the airport and I have to say his driving on occasions was a bit like the Wacky Racers!!!. :-O We made very good time and had a swift check in at the Upper Class kiosk and then joined the queue for Immigration and security, which was fine.

Once into the airport, brought some Duty Free and went to the lounge. As we had got here a bit earlier than expected, I had some a couple of very nice Chicken Roti's (they weren't that large to start with) and a couple of Banks Beers and settled down with the Ipad.

Before you know it, it was time to board and there was a little bit of a delay but we soon made our way across the tarmac and that last bit of Barbados heat and onto Lady Stardust. :cool:

IMG_6628 - Copy.JPG
Lady Stardust
IMG_6628 - Copy.JPG (155.68 KiB) Viewed 7257 times

Cabin as per old style, but crew attentive and bottle of water on the seat waiting for us. Class of champagne offered and accepted and I settled down into the seat and check that everything was working.... Sorted out which films I wanted to watch and also filled in the breakfast card. Sleepsuits were passed out to those who wanted them.

The FSM came round and introduced herself to all the passengers and she was someone who I recognised and we had a bit of a chat, and she did mention that the crew do like the new style UC. UC was full and I can't recall how full the flight was.

Take off was quick and once the seat belt sign came off the CC came round and offered more drinks and set up for the meal service.

I started with the Marinated Scallops and I thought they were a hot starter, but came cold, and nothing really to write home about. I had the Seared Steak as the main, but I have no idea as to the green and red vegetables to the side, as they were inedible, but the steak and mash was really nice . Finished all off with Cheese and Biscuits and watched a few films to pass the time, whilst the cabin went into sleep mode.. I also grabbed a dram of the 16 year old Malt ;-)

IMG_6641 - Copy.JPG
IMG_6641 - Copy.JPG (167.3 KiB) Viewed 7257 times

IMG_6642 - Copy.JPG
IMG_6642 - Copy.JPG (135.19 KiB) Viewed 7257 times

Having finished watching the movies I too hit the sack and when I woke up it was breakfast time.

Landing was a straight run in and onto the gate, and off into Immigration which was empty. Picked up the bags and limo waiting for us and a very smooth journey home on the M25

All in all a solid flight, let down a bit by the food.
#935082 by SlimpyJones
09 May 2017, 16:00
Thanks very much for the TR, nicely complimented by the photos. Hope you had a nice time in Barbados :D

Yes I agree I'm not sure I can identify the veg in your main, I think I can see some kind of grilled pepper among it? Glad the beef made up for it though.
#935155 by tomthumb
11 May 2017, 15:34
dickydotcom wrote:I take it you weren't in one of the center seats. Even I found them to be a bit lacking in bed length.
Dick D

I was in 3K - the centre seats are way too short for me. I am grateful that UC is getting upgraded... :D
#935157 by buns
11 May 2017, 15:51
Thanks for the TR and the inforamtive photos - see what you mean about the red and green stuff :-D

Makes all the diffrencve when you have an FSM who is on the ball

Hope the fizz was not Gardet :-P

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