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#938425 by oldboy
14 Sep 2017, 18:30
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We arrived via DTCI around 3 hours prior to our VS045 flight to JFK. Check in process was very quick & we were soon on our way to the security channel. Our boarding passes (issued at DTCI) would not scan at security or later when entering clubhouse. There was a queue to go through security, probably only 10 people but more than we had experienced previously. After a quick stop in duty free we were soon settled in to a busy clubhouse. Service was good as we enjoyed clubhouse burgers & a few glasses of Lanson. The lounge got quieter as our flight time got closer.

Once our gate was shown on the departure boards we headed down to the gate & arrived as UC boarding commenced so we were straight on to the aircraft (789) & soon had bubbly in hand. What then followed was a very good VS experience with attentive service & pretty acceptable food.

Arrived at JFK on time & were through immigration without too much delay.

All in all a good trip.
#938427 by TimCrawley
14 Sep 2017, 19:20
If I'm not stuffing down a CH breakfast I do like the clubhouse burgers! Will check them out at LGW in a couple of weeks as I'm on VS65 so will be ready for a Burger by 11am.

Pleased you had a good flight and minimal delay in immigration.
#938433 by mitchja
14 Sep 2017, 23:01
Thanks for the TR.

I was reading an article yesterday where they where interviewing Craig Kreeger and he mentioned that VS have now changed the boarding process slightly at LHR by boarding 15 mins later than previously and no longer ‘holding’ the pax in those pretty miserable gate lounge areas.

It’s quite an easy change to make and it’s apparently having a positive impact on VS pax airport experience at LHR.

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