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#938674 by LucyLu
26 Sep 2017, 16:55
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Got to LHR slightly later than planned but not a big issue (my OH had misheard what time I said I wanted to leave home). I, as always, got in the wrong checkin queue - the lady was about 3 times slower than the queues either side, but never mind as she told me my flight was delayed by 50 mins due to a late incoming aircraft. Oh dear, what a shame, it means I will have more time in the No1 lounge which I had pre-booked ;-)

So, quick trip to buy a bottle of water (I like to have a litre bottle with me onboard) and I was comfortable in the lounge. I did the usual cereal and coffee thing then moved on to a bacon roll and prosecco. Reading someone's comment in another TR about their neighbours drinking wine on the plane at 10am made me feel guilty for a split second there as by now it was about 10-10:30am.

Boarded plane and we were all ready to go, then waited, and waited and waited some more. The captain then told us there was a problem with one of the doors, at which point the crew started handing out water. The didn't get very far before we were told we would be off. By now we were over 2 hours late.

As I had an exit seat it was very comfortable with lots of leg room and the door intrusion to rest my feet on. There were a few empty EC seats but not a massive number. Service onboard was great - pre-dinner drinks, dinner with wine (wonderful paneer curry with rice and pureed spinach and a Gu pud), Fab lollies, a gross cheese and tomato pasty, then a sandwich about 90 mins before landing (again cheese and tomato). Didn't think much of the choice of films onboard, and one of those listed in the magazine wasn't actually on the system, but I had music to listen to and slept a bit. All in all a very smooth flight apart from the delays and a lovely crew.

Once off the plane I joined the immigration queue just as n officer decide to open some new lanes so went straight to the front of the queue, but it wasn't massively busy anyway. Suitcase arrived eventually and I was off on the BART to the centre of SFO for a couple of days exploring.
#938683 by tomthumb
26 Sep 2017, 21:10
Thanks for the Trip Report and clearly a good journey
#938707 by lorelai
27 Sep 2017, 16:19
Listen, don't you let anyone make you feel bad about drinking wine or prosecco at 10am, it is 12 somewhere, and also, champagne breakfast is definitely a thing!

Glad you had a good flight :D
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