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#938709 by Kevshev
27 Sep 2017, 16:50
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Having experienced a near 11 hour long flight to LAS last year on a 121 333 , which was a near hour longer than when I originally booked it on a 744 .( four engines better than two for long haul) They then put up a curtain next to me for a makeshift crew rest area so all I could see was a curtain and the bulkhead! Thank goodness for the bar :cool:
It was definitely nice to get back on the 744. I for one will really miss the cabin when the aircraft leaves the fleet as it is like being on your own private jet once you get on board, where you normally have 3 cabin crew to look after upto 14 people.
We arrived early at checkin which was a breeze as normal and then directed to the smaller escape business lounge. I must say it is a lot nicer than the old lounge but as already said night and day away from what our southern friends get in the big smoke.
We were told to go down to the gate 10 minutes early before they started to board for some bizarre reason but we were soon seated in out safe haven away from the hustle and bustle.
The was 451 :-O passengers on board. I must admit I didn't think it could hold that many people and this was supposed to be the off season! I did ask if it had anything to do with the hurricane Irma but crew member said no. We had a pretty smooth flight but I did notice, as purchased the new go go internet so I could use Flight Radar 24 that we flew through the outer rim of hurricane Jose just off the eastern seaboard. We were one of the most Westerley aircraft at that point and it was a bit off putting flying through cloud with the seatbelt sign on at 36000 feet.
We arrived at a very sunny Mco after another excellent flight and crew to an empty stand where we got off the plane,through customs and into the hire car within 25 minutes.
Noticed very little damage here from Irma but a lot of residences who stayed said it was very frightening and the by far the worst they have seen for over 20 years.
#938803 by tomthumb
30 Sep 2017, 20:40
Clearly a solid flight and interesting that it was full as well

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