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#878624 by mcuth
22 Jul 2014, 06:24
Hi all

The 2014/15 football season is almost upon us and the V-Flyer Victors league has been renewed at
Please note that this will be the last year that I run this league.

It's still completely free to sign up, and joining the league couldn't be easier. If you entered last year, you should be added to the league automatically - if not, the league code is 220645-60125.

Gameweek 1 deadline is 16th August 2014 @ 1130hrs - you're allowed unlimited changes to your team before then.

Good luck & let battle commence :D

#879031 by Treelo
26 Jul 2014, 19:23
Thanks, Michael, I'll be carefully considering my selection over the next few days (translates as waving a pin in the air and 'sticking' a few players)! Oh and thanks for your stewardship over the past few years - much appreciated. y)
#905139 by mcuth
11 Jun 2015, 07:14
A bit late, but here's the final table - thanks for playing everyone :)

Code: Select all#  Team                 Manager                 TOT
1  Goal Machines        Wayne Makin             2,141
2  PC Piranhas          Philip Chan             2,141
3  Deanos dreamers      dean hope               2,009
4  Merlin's Magicians   Tania Makin             1,983
5  Ghost-Men on Third   Chris Morris            1,975
6  Clash City Rockers   andrew sellers          1,958
7  Bruff's Champs       Dan Blackbrough         1,954
8  MC's Magic Monkeys   Michael Cuthbertson     1,884
9  Manchester Mooners   Paula Kenyon            1,858
10 Raging Kaboul FC     Warren D'Costa          1,822
11 Aston Park Boys 11   Dek From The Villa      1,818
12 Call Of Guti         Raj Popat               1,799
13 JonStars             Jonathan Cheah          1,785
14 Rammy Utd            Alec Kenyon             1,761
15 Hamms Allstars       John Hamm               1,747
16 Evans Above          Allyson Evans           1,743
17 PPBMCDG              John Sutherland         1,716
18 Bruff's Lot          Nigel Blackbrough       1,713
19 Hydeblues            Chris clarke            1,704
20 Nibble me Suarez     Mark Payne              1,604
21 Birmingham Blues     Robert Duffill          1,304
22 CHill710             Christopher Hill        1,207

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