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#894880 by gfonk
07 Feb 2015, 23:23
im 20mins north of stansted!!
havent used it since 2006 though
#894887 by Florida White
08 Feb 2015, 02:02
ChelseaGirl wrote:Not sure whether it's the done thing to ask, but I just wonder where everyone on the forum is posting from?
I realise I could probably look on individual profiles if I was that desperate to know (and if people had shared this information on their profiles), but I'm just curious to know roughly where we're all from. (Doesn't need to be towns, people's counties would be fine if this question is acceptable).

Please delete if not appropriate. 8D

From Leeds, West Yorkshire.
#894894 by Maximus
08 Feb 2015, 10:01
Quite a global coverage.

I am from the Highlands (Glenurquart) via Oxfordshire, Leicestershire, that there London, Melbourne (the Australian one), Surrey, Yorkshire, Lancashire and for the last few years I have lived in Devon.

I used to get around but have settled down in my dottage.
#894950 by Hull
08 Feb 2015, 16:53
I was born in Plymouth, I live in South West London but am currently based at Big White Ski Resort in BC for the next nine weeks.
#895018 by GM1039
09 Feb 2015, 11:28
Born in S.E. London.

Moved to a not so great area of Essex (South West).

Moved 3 months ago to a beautiful village not far from Colchester, although a complete pain in the butt to get to LHR every 3 weeks!
#895038 by lovetoholiday
09 Feb 2015, 15:29
Born in the west country but now living near Marlow in Buckinghamshire.
My parents are from India but have lived here since getting married.

I love it when people ask ' where are you from ?
I reply - 'Marlow'
They reply ' No where are you from originally ?'
I reply 'Oh I see, yes from west country'
Then I get 'Oh ok, where are your parents from ?'
Me - 'Also west country'
... and so it goes on....
Always amuses me to string it out ): ): ):
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