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#900965 by tontybear
14 Apr 2015, 18:06

Are you on the electoral roll?

If you're not on the roll then you won't be able to vote on 7th May in either the General Election or for many local councillors and some Mayor's.

You will know if you are registered because you should have already received your polling card (and probably some direct mail from candidates). If not contact the Electoral Registration Office at the Town Hall.

Registering is easy see the Electoral Commission or via your local District or Borough councils website.

The deadline to register is 20th April.

Generally UK and Commonwealth citizens can vote in the Parliamentary Election and EU nationals in local (where they are being held) elections only. See your council's website for full details.

Away on Polling Day?

You can apply for a postal vote for this election only or for all future elections. The ballot paper will be sent to either your home or alternative address. However the completed ballot must be received by the local council of the constituency you are voting in by 10.00PM on poling day (unlike some other countries where it must just be post marked before poling day and will be counted later).

When you get your postal vote you MUST sign the declaration or else it won't be counted and use the same signature as you used on the form as they are checked against the application form.

Deadline to apply is no later than 5.00 PM on 21st April.

An alternative is a proxy vote - where you nominate someone to vote on your behalf. This must be arranged in advance as the proxy is sent a special polling card.

The deadline to apply is 5.00PM on 28th April.

You can nominate anyone to be a proxy (as long as they are registered to vote). They can vote for anyone they like though!

There are provisions for an emergency proxy vote but not a postal vote to be issued up until 5.00PM on polling day.

Hope this is useful to some people.

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