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#909837 by Toph
11 Sep 2015, 13:02

I'm Chris (although most people call me Toph. Or 'Oi, you'). I've been a loooooong time lurker on here. Years, I think. Not posted before as I've not flown VS since 2012, so never really felt qualified to, but as the boyfriend and I are flying off to LAX on the 22nd, and as you lot on here have been a MASSIVE source of information over the last year or so, I just wanted to come on here and say a) hello, and b) thank you for all being so friendly and helpful and answering all my questions without even having to ask them.

Plus, I feel compelled to do a trip report, as it's also our first time turning left. Excited isn't even the word for it. Max is positively bouncing around the place, and we still have 11 days to go.

I'm pretty sure he's packed already.

Anyway, hello! And thank you. I hope to bore you to death with my ramblings before long. :)

#909840 by jfenney
11 Sep 2015, 14:03
Well firstly welcome from behind the curtain :-D and hope you gain as much benefit as I do from all V- flyers . if they don't know the answer well it's not worth knowing :-D

Hope you have a super trip I'll be following you in November off on my jollies and again a big welcome

Look forward to your first TR
#909864 by marshy11
11 Sep 2015, 18:38
Welcome and roll on your holiday. The TR will be very welcome and the fact you feel compelled to post it means you are truly a part of this forum.
#909867 by Bretty
11 Sep 2015, 20:15
Dear Oi You,

Welcome to v-flyer glad you decided to join up and say hello, and how exciting to be taking your first trip with VS in a few years and be turning left too. Me and my hubby love turning left, in fact I've let loose a monster who now says he won't travel long haul if he's not sitting in the pointy end! Beware what may happen... It's addictive, especially when the experience and service, in most cases, is something quite special. From the Clubhouse to the spa to the pointy end of the plane, the clubhouse burger to the champagne and cocktails, enjoy every minute, and yes, please do post a TR, and give us a pre-trip wave from the Clubhouse.

Bon voyage
#909870 by Toph
11 Sep 2015, 20:58
Helloooooooo all! *waves enthusiastically*

I think you're right, I think this may turn out to be an iron fist in a velvet glove (offering a glass or two of champagne) that ends up smacking my bank account around a bit. But hey. It's our first holiday in three years, a little bit of enjoyment can't be a bad thing, can it? Running at T minus 10 days 14 hours until the car picks us up. God only knows what we'll be like on the day.

Doing laps just below ceiling level, no doubt.

Roll on the Clubhouse!

I shall do my best to report on it in as much detail as I can remember through the haze of bubbly alcoholic beverages that my doctor* recommends as the best way to help me relax.

*doctor, off-licence owner, whatever, it's just details...
#909873 by Bretty
11 Sep 2015, 22:59
Oh your sense of humour will fit right in here!
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