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#910077 by biscuit22
15 Sep 2015, 15:38
Hi all

I am currently a red member and will be making a number of trips early & Late next year in the u.s and whilst travelling I will hit Silver in Mid March 2015 , but I'm hoping to earn an extra 31 tier points whilst out in the U.S, Just wondering if it would be possible to achieve this. My understanding is when your a red Member your Tier Points does not reset once you reach silver, Please correct me if I'm wrong, or do i have to be silver first before i hit Gold. I really do not want to lose Tier points .
please help anyone. thanks
#910080 by JCBR
15 Sep 2015, 16:24
I believe that if it is within your earning year then you can go as high as your travel warrants. It is only at the year end that you are zero'd and TP and not carried over even if you have more than you need for gold (unlike some schemes).

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