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#914785 by mallin
25 Dec 2015, 11:27
Hubby and I were leaving Tesco after doing the Xmas stock up early Wednesday morning. Anyone who knows the area just coming off the A605 to join A1 south Junction 17, Woman in front was weaving all over the road so we tried to avoid her and sun was right in our view, next thing we knew almighty crash, airbags going off. Front end stoved in, bonnet crumpled etc.

We are both ok just a few aches, pains and bruises , could have been worse. Hubby is really annoyed as he is such a careful driver first accident in over 45 years of driving. Think he is more worried about the car its only a one year old Audi Q3 and the smell from the airbags going off was horrible.

WE live to tell the tale and car should be fixed in about a fortnight. Makes you realise how lucky we are and you never know what will happen from day to day.

Just going to start doing the veg for Christmas dinner just one son here today.

Happy Christmas to all and go careful wherever you are. Linda
#914789 by marshy11
25 Dec 2015, 11:39
#914796 by hiljil
25 Dec 2015, 12:56
Oh my goodness !

Thank goodness you are both ok.

Enjoy your Christmas !!! :-D
#914801 by pjh
25 Dec 2015, 14:17
Glad to hear you're both ok and only metal remains bent out of shape.
#914802 by Eggtastico
25 Dec 2015, 17:09
I had a car accident last year on the 22nd (wasn't my fault - some clown in the wrong lane decided he wanted the next exit).. Had to wait for my car to be evaluated if it was safe to drive.
Luckily was Ok & Christmas was not ruined - as we had planned to spend it with my GF parents up North... so we had no turkey or anything in!

On the brightside.... a cheque arrived a year to the day for my injuries.
#914804 by mallin
26 Dec 2015, 00:04
Thanks everyone for your replies. As we went into the back of the other car, its all our fault . The police do not even attend if there are no injuries just Motorway patrol. Luckily we have full comp insurance and breakdown lorry arrived within half an hour.

The force damaged some shopping in the boot milk and eggs went everywhere, could not believe the mess. On looking at the shambles in Cumbria though it makes you feel very humbled. We had a nice comfy warm home to return to. It certainly puts things into perspective.
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