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#842245 by joeyc
31 Mar 2013, 14:31
Sealink wrote:*apologies for the at times, filthy, conversation.

Oh dear sealink..... at least no BA centred tirades on V-Flyer this time around :P

Hope you guys all had an awesome time. Where are the TRs and photos??
#842270 by cooperman
31 Mar 2013, 16:16
Just a quick note to say what a great crowd my fellow V Flyers are. y)

I had a wondrous time meeting you all in the Hilton and then over dinner at the Radisson

I'm a bit subdued today probably as a result of the amount of that funny flavoured water that was in pint glasses. ): ..hence no TR just yet

Let's do it again ...soon ^) ^) ^) ^)

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