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#901293 by joeyc
18 Apr 2015, 15:43
DragonLady wrote:Oh, how I'd love to get to a v-flyer do with Mr B and joey in residence :D ( because I've never met either but would love to lol :0 )

Look forward to meeting you one day too DL.

Big thanks to buns for setting up last night, I had a blast y) y)

Nottingham Nick wrote:The evening has certainly whetted my appetite for further v-flyer socials - Brunch in Dubai anyone ?? ^)

Oh yes 8D
#901326 by Sealink
19 Apr 2015, 12:27
Thanks for arranging this, I also discovered Uber: the best thing in the world ever! (Any previous disapproval from me about Uber can now be disregarded.)
#901354 by Jacki
19 Apr 2015, 17:21
We had guests staying otherwise I would have joined you. :# I was also late joining the Uber fan club but like you love it now. We were at a restaurant the other evening and were informed by the management that it would be an hour before they could get us a taxi. Quick click on my phone and Uber arrived 5 minutes later - £5 cheaper than the restaurant quoted fare. y)

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