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#938332 by oceanscape
12 Sep 2017, 11:05
Hi all,

I am new to the companion reward. I have one for renewing my Gold membership and one for meeting the spend threshold on my black VS amex.


1) is there any difference between the reward you get from the Amex and the one you get for renewing gold?
2) is it correct that you can use it on an 'I' fare for upper class?
3) if I want to work out how much 2 seats will cost do I just search for 'I' fares and then go to the fare breakdown to get the fees+taxes and those fees+taxes will be the total price of the second ticket?
4) do I earn FC miles on the "fully paid for" ticket?

Thanks so much for any help.
#938333 by SlimpyJones
12 Sep 2017, 11:10

To answer your questions...

1) Nope, no difference. The only thing you'll pay is the surcharges & taxes, the miles cost is waived.
2) Yes that is correct
3) That seems like a good approach, yep! The only thing you need to bear in mind is that there must be G-class availability on the same flight you pick, in order to redeem for your companion.
4) Yep, you'll earn miles as well as TPs

Hope that helps!
#938360 by s2driveruk
13 Sep 2017, 07:00
One othe thing i found out on enquiring with FC..can be used (booked) in your current membership year for travel in the next. So if you book an I fare...a 400tp head start on retaining Au in the next year.

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