#772756 by Vegascrazy
27 Mar 2011, 12:14
For a long time I've been trying to work out optimal usage of a stack of BMI miles I've accumulated. Have I got this right: Using the chart on BMI Damond Club site an economy redemption on Air New Zealand LHR to LAX is 45000 miles. Then to convert that to Business is x 1.5 = 67500 miles? I only ask as this is shed loads less than forking out 100000 miles for UC on VS? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

#772783 by RedVee
27 Mar 2011, 15:44

That sounds spot on. A zone 3 *Alliance redemption is 45K and the multiplier for business is 1.5 You might find there is no fuel surcharge either. Last time I redeemed VS miles for an Air New Zealand business flight to LAX is was £122 in taxes each.

BTW - its only 75k VS miles for an Air New Zealand business redemption.

I managed a BMI NZ business redemption once purely from a promotion where it was triple points per night in hotels EACH night and I was away 3 nights a week at that time - 9K points a week for 8 weeks - one of the best earning ops ever!

Good luck with the Diamond Club ICC reservations though - every time I booked I ended up pulling my hair out!


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