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#964844 by Kraken
13 May 2022, 21:54
Todays VS155 LHR-LAS flight pushed back pretty much bang on time, but had to return to a remote stand at Heathrow.

There was a very unruly stag party group onboard, being abusive to crew & fellow passengers, so the Captain took the decision to leave the takeoff queue and offload them. About 20 police attended the aircraft to offload the stag do & load them into waiting police vans. Bags offloaded & the stag do enjoying a sobering experience at Heathrow Police Station.

Given that this was a stag party going to Sin City [of all places] it's pretty safe to say that alcohol consumption in the airport prior to boarding played a big part in the incident. And it was on Friday 13th too - you could not make it up.

The flight finally departed about 1h45m late. Kudos to the Captain & crew for taking the decision to offload whilst still on the ground.
#964851 by Waddo56
14 May 2022, 20:38
This Vegas flight VS 43/44, 155/156 has always *issed my family off!

We travel to visit our daughter also see our grand kids, we can go back to the MAN/LHR-LAS 747 also A330 MAN-LAS that did not last! But i always hoped for that 787 on the Vegas route! As we have seen in the past years the 747 or the A330 pilot puts the seat belt signs on because of those unruly people!

We are not travelling for a good*iss up! Love to see the Grand kids.

Virgin Silly Prices as in other posts!

In July 2022 I have 3 X P.E. seats £1089 each, I know taxes also fuel costs have increased!

So last week 08/3/2023-28/03/2023 UpperClass x 3 £6900
Next day all good until the return leg! £7618!

I will take the 25 year old B.A. 777 out and return on the A350 P.E. LHR/LAS. For £3285! Virgin is £4275 P.E. for those dates.

1 flight a day to LAS, more costly than LAX don't want the 4 hour drive or added cost x3 flying from Lax!

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