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#964671 by Doodledoo
27 Apr 2022, 06:36
Hi, I have an internal FC reward flight booked in the USA in the summer on Delta. Is luggage included in the reward flight? I assumed it was, but it isn't clear on the ticket. Thanks!
#964679 by mitchja
28 Apr 2022, 10:16
I don't think your luggage will be included because you are not flying to/from the USA so the VS checked baggage rules don't apply to your flight. It will be Delta's baggage policy which does unfortunately charge for checked baggage in economy.

VS baggage rules only apply on codeshare airlines either when you are connecting to or from a VS flight or if it's a flight to/from the USA not operated by VS but has a VS flight number.

As per this page

Baggage on partner airlines and connecting flights

If your flight is to or from the USA and operated by one of our codeshare partner airlines (like Delta) and the ticketed flight number starts with “VS”, then the Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance will apply. If your ticketed flight number is not “VS” then our partner airlines' baggage allowance may apply.

If your flight is not to or from the USA and you are travelling with one of our codeshare partner airlines, their baggage allowance may apply. Please take a moment to check their baggage allowances

The way to check is by going to, click on the My Trips tab and enter your VS booking ref (it should work) along with your first and last name.

Once in your booking, click on Calculate Baggage Estimate which is just under your flight details at the bottom right. Click the + sign to add a bag and see what the estimated cost changes to.
#964782 by Doodledoo
08 May 2022, 21:50
Thanks all, I didn't see these replies til now. It's so difficult! I asked when on phone to Virgin Atlantic last week and they said it is definitely included, but I can't see this explicitly stated anywhere so I am quite dubious.

He also booked our seats for us, but again, I can't see these assigned when I log on!
#964901 by EstelleB
20 May 2022, 16:44
I'd be interested in the outcome of this - I have reward seats in an internal Delta flight booked via VA and I had assumed that baggage wasn't included. I tried to look as advised under 'baggage estimate' on Delta's website but I keep getting an error message!
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