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#965539 by NorthernLad
31 Jul 2022, 16:04
I had it in mind that an I Class ticket earned more points than the Z Class - Is that correct?

MAN > MCO>MAN 10,988 awarded for each leg (after initial award of only 8452 for return- now sorted) for both a Z and an I ticket
Red for outbound, Silver for return.

Even without the ticket difference I am thinking the return should be more?
#965540 by CommanderB
31 Jul 2022, 16:55
I definitely earns more tier points. But I have a feeling that the virgin points part of it may be the same as Z.

VS have made this impossible to work out the old way because the earning table on the website has been replaced with a “miles calculator” that doesn’t help answer this at all. It’s entirely useless.
#965541 by mitchja
31 Jul 2022, 17:37
Z = standard tier points and standard points so 100 TP’s for each flight leg.
I = double tier points but standard points so 200 TP’s for each flight leg.
Anything higher than an I (D,C or J) = double tier points and double points.

Tier Point earnings for each VS fare can be found on this page

Cabin Ticket type Tier Points earned
Economy Light (T) 25
Economy Classic (A*, E, Q, X, N, O) 25
Economy Classic (L, U, M, Y, B, R) 50
Economy Delight (V) 50
Premium (H, K, P*) 50
Premium (W, S) 100
Upper Class (G*, Z) 100
Upper Class (J, C, D, I) 200

IMHO Upper Class I fares offer the best value as they are often not much more than a Z for double the tier points.
#965660 by mosnny
10 Aug 2022, 13:41
I am a regular booker of Upper Class mostly MAN to MCO using the VS website.

I've never seen how to pick or alter which fare code a booking is made under.

Can one do this online, or does it mean booking by phoning the gold flying club number?

Sorry for my ignorance.
#965666 by mitchja
11 Aug 2022, 09:11
You will see I fares when there are no Z fares left using the website. Failing that, you would need to call VS to book specific fare classes.

If you try the flexible fare search using the website, that generally only brings up the more expensive D, C or J fares.
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