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#966048 by Katcool
22 Sep 2022, 21:28
Currently in a very full Delta lounge at MCO on an UC ticket. I wanted to leave the lounge for five minutes to purchase something at Hudson news but the guy on the desk said I probably wouldn’t be allowed back in and would need to join the wait list. Is this something new?
#966049 by mikethe3rd
22 Sep 2022, 22:05
I can’t help with the answer to that, but does the terminal seem at all quieter with the launch of terminal C?
#966052 by Kraken
Yesterday, 10:33
The Delta Sky Club at MCO is way too small (it used to be about twice as big as it is now). Given that it's on top of the airside wing where all Delta flights go from & the fact you can easily get "status" that allows lounge access in the USA without even setting foot on a plane (i.e. credit cards), it's a joke. Same as the decor in the lounge too - take me back 20yrs.

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