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#966053 by matt.hibb
23 Sep 2022, 10:35
Just wanting any/all advice on missing connections so I'm armed with better information on my next trip in case it happens again.

Booked a business trip through the company TA (which is a pain in itself).
Delta ticket, I fare (all sectors)

Outbound went perfect.

On the return, I came back to my hotel room after a morning run and my phone had gone kinda crazy with emails, app notifications and text messages; SLC-JFK leg was now subject to approx. 4 hour delay meaning I'd miss my JFK-MAN connection by some distance. The Delta app showed I was re-booked on the JFK-MAN for the following day, which meant I'd lose most of my weekend and miss some family commitments.

Other rebook options on the Delta app either offered the cabin (business/upper) I booked next day, or economy same day via ATL. So no good either. However, the Delta and VS websites were selling flights home via ATL or MCO on C or D fares. Availability on ExpertFlyer was also showing in C and above, as well as seats spare on the seat map. So I assumed space was available.

Decided to try and sort it at the airport. Having fought with the agent at check-in for a while, the best they said they could offer was via ATL with the SLC-ATL sector in Delta First and ATL-MAN in economy. Even got assigned an awful seat in the middle of a 4 near the back because economy was rammed. Not happy, but I really needed to get home for the weekend.

After clearing security, I headed to the gate (not much time at all) and luckily it was next to a Delta customer service desk. Explained the situation again and that I could see availability in upper to MAN. Initially was told nothing else they could do and I'd have to argue with the gate agent in ATL. I was all too aware that upper would likely by full by the time I arrived in ATL with upgrades and other IROPs pax etc. But then a manager luckily stopped by and this time was willing to sort it for me. I'd also pulled a bit of a DYKWIA moment in the end explaining I was VS Gold on a really expensive (no Sat night stay) I fare and a middle economy seat in a 4 just isn't good enough. So I left with a boarding pass issued for upper (J fare now), but with seat to be assigned at the gate. Ended up with 6K on the A333.

Questions remaining in my head:

If I had accepted the next day JFK-MAN service and arrived home a day later, would I have qualified for compensation (assuming the SLC-JFK delay was for a qualifying reason)? Just wondering since the delay didn't occur to the JFK-MAN service, but the SLC-JFK service which obviously isn't UK bound.

Nobody was offering a JFK hotel under the next day scenario, any advice there?

I guess I initially accepted same day economy given my desperation to get home. But in retrospect, I'm wondering whether I would still have qualified for compensation for the downgrade given I accepted the airlines alternative offer to get me home?

There seemed to be a hint from a conversation between the manager and agent at the customer service desk that there had been an unwillingness to put me in upper because it would have meant "upgrading" my fare from I to C/D. So I guess my 2nd question is, should Delta easily be able to book me onto an alternative service in a higher fare class under IROPs?

#966056 by VS075
23 Sep 2022, 13:41
To answer your questions about compensation and accommodation, yes you would have been entitled to compensation (EU261) and yes they would have been obliged to have booked accommodation as the delayed first connection would have otherwise forced you to miss your connection and incur a delay of almost 24 hours. The hotel would have needed to have been sorted at the JFK end I expect, however I only have experience of hotels being sorted at the origin end as I wasn't connecting.

Any expenses occurred as a result of the delay (e.g. food and drink) you can claim back for as well, however that would be claimed for in addition to the standard compensation rate for the delay.

More info here: ... pensation/

I don't know enough to answer your other two questions. However, it seems as though you needed to be back home one way or another and I'm glad you were able to do that and wangle a seat in Upper in the end.
#966065 by gumshoe
24 Sep 2022, 11:03
deep_south wrote:I thought inbound to EU was only covered for compensation if you were on an EU/UK airline?

Outbound is covered on both EU and non-EU airlines.

Correct. A flight to the UK on DL metal wouldn’t be eligible for compensation or duty of care.
#966078 by VS075
26 Sep 2022, 09:39
I stand corrected on that then! That said, in this case it was a VS flight the OP connected on to and, although the connecting flight was DL and the booking was on a DL fare, all part of the same booking that originated in the UK. Seems like a potential grey area unless anybody knows more?
#966083 by tontybear
26 Sep 2022, 14:14
Not a grey area at all.

Who you booked with and where you booked don't matter. It's who is operating the flight and what caused the delay.

Here the delay was caused by DL on a US domestic flight. Connecting to a VS flight does not make UK/EU261 apply to the whole trip.

As to 'duty of care' in the US airlines only provide these when the delay is their fault. If it's not their fault e.g. weather / ATC etc then they don't have to do anything. Airlines may offer a discounted 'disresssed traveller' rate at a hotel but you'd still have to pick up the cost yourself.
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