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#966055 by ColOrd
Yesterday, 12:39
Hi Guys

I have a return reward flight booked to SFO for next week, for a number of reasons, I am going to change this.

I will be changing it to going out to JFK in April and the return sector I dont want to come back till November. (I'm doing a transatlantic cruise with Virgin Voyages).

Now flights for November 23 haven't been released yet, so can I put the return into a placeholder date and then change it AFTER I have flown the outbound sector, or can you only change the return before the outbound is flown?
#966057 by CommanderB
Yesterday, 16:47
Once a ticket is part-flown, it usually becomes MORE flexible than before. And given reward flights are already basically fully flex, I'd expect you can do this. But I have not done it so cannot be 100% sure.

The whole part-flown thing is quite cool. All sorts of rules get thrown out of the window once you've taken the first sector. Hopefully that can help you in this case.
#966058 by ColOrd
Yesterday, 17:46
I have changed the ticket from what was LHR-SFO/LAX-LHR to now LHR-JFK-LHR but the return sector is months after the outbound.

In theory thinking about it, I should be able to change the return sector in around Dec/Jan before the outbound sector, but just in case! Its the first time I've mixed/matched a return ticket with a different way of getting back and then use the return for something else.

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