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#958654 by slupsky
01 Jan 2021, 09:22
Hi there,
I have my return flight scheduled from JNB to LHR on 10 Dec. It is currently still showing as active, but I expect it to be cancelled any day now due to the ban on direct flights from South Africa to the UK.

Does anyone know what my rights are at that point? I know there is a form to fill out once my flight is cancelled saying I am stranded in South Africa, but I would like to know what my options are when that happens.

I assume EC261 is not applicable as this counts as exceptional circumstances. Does VS still have a duty to get me back to the UK? Would they attempt to re-route via another carrier? And what happens with travel class? My current booking is Upper Class using points. What hope is there that I would be able to stay in business class at this point....not necessarily for a comfort perspective (although at 6ft2 I struggle in economy and haven’t flown Long Haul Y for over 5 years), but more to allow for personal space from strangers at this point.

I am willing to pay for a one way business class ticket via Doha, but obviously would prefer not to if I don’t have to. If I did have to do that, would I get any form of reimbursement for either my unused reward flight or my new revenue flight?

Many thanks

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