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#960747 by 747G-VXLG
04 May 2021, 09:59
The slots have been released for next Summer’s flights:
VS75 MAN-MCO D09:20 A14:15 9h55m A330-200
VS76 MCO-MAN D16:10 A05:20 8h10m A330-200
VS73 MAN-MCO D11:20 A16:15 9h55m A330-200
VS74 MCO-MAN D18:15 A07:25 8h10m A330-200
VS91 LHR-MCO D11:20 A16:05 9h45m A330-300
VS92 MCO-LHR D18:10 A07:15 8h05m A330-300
VS135 LHR-MCO D12:05 A17:15 10h10m A330-300
VS136 MCO-LHR D19:20 A08:50 8h30m A330-300

No Glasgow or Belfast flights are showing up yet. Also, the aircrafts will change because the A330-200s are due to be leaving the fleet early next year when the leisure A350s join.

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