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#960800 by mitchja
09 May 2021, 09:46
Jus wondering if anyone else is missing their credit card points this month?

Credit card statement was generated on the 5th as usual but no points have been transferred? I've not spent much as I've only earned 507 points this month but they have not been transferred?

I've sent VS a WhatsApp message. I never know if to contact VS or Virgin Money when this happens?

I did have a deficit of points for several months after receiving 3 x VS refunds last year but that has now canceling itself out and I started earning points again on previous statements.
#960801 by EstelleB
09 May 2021, 12:27
Hiya, just checked mine and the same thing, my statement was the 6th and no points showing. I'll wait until tomorrow but if they haven't appeared then I'm not sure if you contact the card people or FC? I'm guessing that FC are going to be inundated with calls if all June flights have been cancelled so will try my luck with the CC people!
#960803 by Hev60
09 May 2021, 12:36
Hi, April points were loaded on 28th okay. However the flying club account is very slow to access right now,
Message apologising “your account is not available at present” Perhaps some IT issues going on, again!
#960811 by buns
10 May 2021, 12:05
Thanks for the heads up James!!

I too have been left out and hope my account is updates before too long.

With travel not being a regular feature in our household right now, the frequent visits to the Vs site are in a dim and distant memory :-D

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