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Advice on reward seats

PostPosted: 17 Jun 2021, 11:41
by Smit15
Hi everybody

4 of us booked to go to Vegas which was subsequently cancelled. We have since rebooked and each have a reward upgrade voucher.
Please can somebody advise when we are likely to see the rewards seats open for Premium and how many will be availble? I want to ensure that all 4 of us upgrade so we dont have 2 of us sat in Economy.
Leavin LHR on the 30th April to LAS and then leaving LAS on the 7th May.

Is the reward voucher for one way or for both ways?
I have paid for the exit seats in Economy so assuming if we can use our reward voucher then the exit seats will be refunded?


Re: Advice on reward seats

PostPosted: 17 Jun 2021, 14:49
by Q_Division
Unfortantly reward seats appear at any time and tend to be based on load or how many tickets they think they can sell.

A quick look suggests there are some through to January at moment, so you may want to check every couple of weeks or something.

The voucher covers both way and unfortuantly I have no idea on the exit seat refund, someone wiser than me might.

Hope this has been some help.

Advice on reward seats

PostPosted: 17 Jun 2021, 19:01
by oldboy
I managed to book UC Reward Seats yesterday for VS21 to Washington DC in early May 2022

Re: Advice on reward seats

PostPosted: 18 Jun 2021, 00:55
by tontybear
One issue is that you want 4 and only 4 PE seats and it's unlikely that VS will release 4 at the same time. They are likely to drip feed them depending on revenue sales.

Another is that you are flying on Saturdays which is already a busy flying day and VS is likely to sell PE seats for cash when more people want to fly.

You might get lucky but you need to be realistic as well.

Re: Advice on reward seats

PostPosted: 27 Jun 2021, 18:38
by Smit15
Thanks everybody, i'll keep an eye out on the rewards seat section and hope i can get 4 seats using the vouchers and get a refund on my exconomy exit seats.

Re: Advice on reward seats

PostPosted: 27 Jun 2021, 19:47
by uktigger
I was looking for PE-UC reward seats to MCO, originally booked with VH.
Obviously no UC rewards available, so phoned VH to enquire about cash price for upgrade.
Tickets for 4 were rebooked from UC/PE to UC/UC and got a £1000 refund.
Result !