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#961147 by trusse03
24 Jun 2021, 19:52
Hi all.

Just wondering is there likely to be a sign up bonus for the reward credit card anytime soon?

I've never paid a fee for a credit card before, but wondering if I should for the reward plus to get the bonus?
#961150 by mitchja
24 Jun 2021, 21:25
You need to decide if the extra benefits from the Rewards+ card will be worth while for you and your card usage. The extra points for spend or the lower £10,000 annual threshold spend to get the vouchers etc.

In terms of points earned per pound spent, the VS Rewards+ card earning 3 points for every pound spent directly with VS or V Hols is still one of the highest points earner of any of the reward credit cards out there.

One thing the always remember though is that unlike AmEx, Virgin Money will not refund any of the annual fee if you should ever decide to cancel or downgrade the card.
#962790 by Jaydun
17 Nov 2021, 12:08
Has anyone been offered or know if they now doing Sign Up Bonuses for the Virgin Credit Card in the Club House now things are getting back to normal?
Amazon are stopping taking UK Visa Credit Cards in Jan 22 and as I don't have a Mastercard I now have need of one. I'm passing through the Club House soon so I would apply there if there is a bonus to be had.

Thank You

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