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#960728 by pcummins
22 Jan 2023, 19:50
Hi Guys,

I have followed a few articles but I thought it would be best to ask here.

I have 2 Vouchers that January next year and about 90k airmiles.

My Gf likes the idea of going to japan? I would have to use KLM or air France but are you able to get less than business class for that route?

Any ideas are welcome we live local to an airport which flys cheap to Amsterdam and paris for the other airlines.

Hope you can point me in right direction

#960732 by mitchja
23 Jan 2023, 00:02
Welcome to V:Flyer :)

When you say vouchers, what type of vouchers do you mean? Unfortunately if they are credit card upgrade or companion vouchers, those can only be used when flying with VS themselves; they can’t be used on any other partner or codeshare airlines.

You can spend points though with both AF or KL in any cabin. AF spend table can be found here and KL spend table here

Both seem to be the same amount for flights between zone 1 and zone 9 for Japan.

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