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Travel Voucher Refund Help

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2021, 09:49
by tonyemolivia
I'm hoping I can get an answer to this, the Virgin staff are not overly helpful.
I originally booked a flight using points and vouchers Nov19 for travel Aug20. Cancelled and took an open ticket for this flight and rebooked for Aug 21, then cancelled and took a travel voucher in Jul 21.
The issue I now have is that due to all the vaccination requirement changes it is unlikely that I will be able to use these vouchers to travel anywhere.
I am aware that they cannot be converted to a cash refund, however am I entitled to a refund of my points, vouchers and taxes? Otherwise I'm stuck with vouchers I cant use.

Re: Travel Voucher Refund Help

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2021, 10:58
by tontybear
As you cancelled the flight and got a voucher I really don't see VS offering any sort of refund to you now. The time to have gotten a full refund was when you originally decided to cancel your trip and before taking the voucher.

If they cancelled then of course you are entitled to a fuill refund.

Not sure what you mean about 'all the vaccination requirement changes' as the requirements have generally been pretty stable for some time now. In fact I see a point when extremly high levels of vaccine uptake are reached decisions will be take to drop the requirement entirely but until then they are what they are.

Re: Travel Voucher Refund Help

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2021, 12:24
by tonyemolivia
My point being, when I took the voucher there were no rules regarding entry to the US and vaccination status. If I had known this I would have taken a refund. I actually thought I was doing them a favor by leaving my tax money with them!
I only want my points and tax back so I can re-book when more is known, there is no financial penalty to Virgin. Seems a bit 'computer says no'.