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#963588 by Go_Vols
16 Jan 2022, 18:16
Apologies if I'm posting 'old' news' but I returned from Vegas yesterday afternoon and decided to use one of my freebie Amex vouchers in The Club in T1. Only on leaving did I notice a sign outside, what could be best described as one of those meeting rooms found at a Holiday Inn Express, that this was the Virgin Upper Class Lounge (!!!) I can guarantee anyone sitting in there, or planning on sitting there in the near future, that I had a lot more space next door. It looked cramped and very miserable. However, maybe the service and food served in there, which I didn't witness, made up for the disappointing surroundings.
#963593 by ColOrd
16 Jan 2022, 22:55
It is table service in there and there was a little drinks station set up.

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