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#964902 by EstelleB
20 May 2022, 16:59
I may now need to make a change to our forthcoming booking which is a bit complicated, and given the messing about I have had lately from VA I am dreading calling up and yet again getting some idiot who doesn't know what they are doing.

In advance therefore, I am asking the good people here who generally seem to know what they are doing!

We are due to be travelling in August (MAN-ATL then MCO-MAN), there are 4 of us on 3 different bookings! Me and my daughter are on one which was moved from the pandemic, then the boys are are one each. The boys were booked as a reward plus companion using a credit card voucher, originally put together one one reference, and then later separated for reasons that VA didn't able to explain!

Now it seems that one of the boys may not be able to travel with us, and I'm not sure what to do in order to sort this out. Obviously I can't get the points back as one was a companion, but I am thinking that I may be able to get the voucher back? So first question is can I get the voucher refunded, and second one is do you get the tax back or is this lost?

The other question is, does it make a difference who they put on which booking - i.e. will their system suggest that one person was paid with miles and one as a companion, and this will impact what I can do? I have a horrible feeling that if this is the case, the one I want to cancel is the one 'paid for' and my son who is still coming is on the companion voucher.

Last question - would it better to take a travel voucher instead of cancelling (next year's flights won't be released before we travel) or can I not do this for a companion?

Cheers to anyone who can help to unravel this!
#964906 by ColOrd
21 May 2022, 19:50
Eurgh yeah that’s complex.

So let me understand. Ignoring you and your daughter.

Boy 1 - Miles & £Xxx in tax
Boy2 - Comp Reward & £Xxx in tax
Noting that both are on separate PNRs

Boy 2 no longer wishes to travel.

You should deffo get your taxes back for Boy2.

The voucher - I would basically send a copy
of this email to customer relations and ask!
#964926 by EstelleB
23 May 2022, 13:22
Thanks for this, one further complication is that I don't know who they allocated as the points and who as the companion! I should know by the end of the week so I will just need to put my hard hat on and call up!

The taxes are more important than the voucher as I think I've still got 3 in date vouchers left on my account, so if I can get this back will be happy, but if it is all too complicated I can move to a travel voucher as we will try again with everyone next year!

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