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#953375 by lovetoholiday
10 Dec 2019, 22:04
Hi all

Been ages since I posted, been regularly flying but on BA in PE , cheaper sadly. We emigrated to the Bay Area , USA in March 2019 and as we will be hopping over to UK regularly cost is key. Have always been loyal to VS until now.. ...hmmmm.

Anyway, can anyone recommend a good aviation magazine subscription for a boy who is obsessed with aviation ? He knows all the airlines (VS is his fave too!) and spends hours watching youtube vids of various vloggers jetting across the globe.
Sam Chui, SanSpotter, Paul Lucas, I could go on...
He is also desperate for a model of an A350 in VS livery of course. Any recommendations on where I can get one shipped from , in time for XMas of course .

Many thanks

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