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#964529 by David
17 Apr 2022, 09:28
Ground Staff
Food & Drink
Cabin Crew
So after 2 weeks in a hyper expensive Orlando (first time ever in 50+ visits premium outlets didn't get any of my money), it was time to think about returning.

The weather had been excellent apart from the odd stormy day which allowed you to cool down but everywhere was very busy and at times, a little unsettling with the huge crowds everywhere.

Disney Springs check-in is still closed with no firm date for reopening so it was check-in at the airport for the first time in probably 15 years.

The car was returned and apart from being queried about existing damage (photos had been taken prior to picking the car) it was relatively painless and we were soon on what seems like the worlds longest escalator to departures.

Don't know wither this has changed or not but a separate check-in for Upper and another for Premium are located opposite to the huge economy lines.

It was very quiet and a very quick process before heading towards TSA Pre courtesy of global entry. Through quick and into the satellite terminal for a quick bite to eat and then into the Delta lounge for a wee refreshment before the flight.

It was nice to be collected again by a Virgin rep to be escorted to the gate where 3 A330's and 1 A350 were waiting. Its nice to see Virgins presence back in force at MCO but it still seems a little quiet until you realise that there are no 747's any longer and there are nearly 200 less people on each full plane. 747 being 455 passengers and A330 266 passengers. It will be interesting to see how many planes they can muster up when the summer season gets back to normal to replace the 5 747's and 1 or 2 A330's that used to grace the tarmac.

On board to a nice, if small, glass of champagne and a nice surprise on the menu. For the first time I believe on a leisure flight, the introduce of the "Speedy Supper" menu. A lovely soup with some bits (lol can't remember what they were) along with a cup of tea and I bedded down very quickly for the flight home.

A great sleep and it was soon time for a welcome cup of tea and a bacon roll and the start of our decent into Edinburgh.

A 20 min wait to get onto our stand, Edinburgh not being used to large planes and only having a few gates suitable and bags where 1st and 4th off.

A great crew, very welcoming and chatty and a great direct flight out of Edinburgh made a fantastic end to a well needed holiday. Roll on the next one.

#964530 by Murraymint
17 Apr 2022, 12:57
Thank you for the TR David - glad you enjoyed the trip (even though Premium Outlets couldn’t temp you). The UC checkin was always opposite the other checkin desks at MCO but the Premium desks were usually located next to the Economy ones.
Heading out myself next week and can’t wait - although it sounds like I need to reinforce my wallet :-D
#964533 by Fuzzy14
17 Apr 2022, 23:46
Thanks for posting the trip reports from Edinburgh. We've taken the relatively late decision to go with an old booking from last year (Gatwick) so both your trip reports have been very helpful to let me know what to expect. Still not sure what you meant by online checkin not liking the NHS Scotland app (or if people in Gatwick will even know what it is) so might be posting soon with questions.
And I shall get in the pre-emptive strike to Mrs Fuzzy to warn her about the prices!
#964534 by David
18 Apr 2022, 06:44
Hi Fuzzy.

What I understand about the scot nhs covid passport is that the digital version and printed version don’t show 1 of 3 details. They only show 2 of 3 and 3 of 3 and we all know to have them you need to have had 1 of 3.

However I’m guessing the checkers need to see the details of when you had your first vaccination along with type etc. to make sure everything is within the tolerances they have set.

After I screen shot each individual jab details and sent them as pdfs, it went through within minutes.

To be honest though, there was just a quick glance at the paperwork at the airport and it was never asked for again. Now, if that was because it had been checked “electronically” or whether they were going through the motions, who knows.

I’m still in shock about the prices :-D although the poor exchange rate isn’t helping either. As an example, a plain standard Ralph Lauren polo was $95 plus tax so $101,18 converted to pounds gives £82.93 ( that price never changed over 2 weeks ) but it was the food that seems to have shot up. Yes, you still can find the cheap stuff, but a nice meal out seems to have increased by around 25%

However saying all that, after nearly 3 years without a holiday, it was amazing.

#964574 by Fuzzy14
20 Apr 2022, 16:18
David wrote:After I screen shot each individual jab details and sent them as pdfs, it went through within minutes.

To be honest though, there was just a quick glance at the paperwork at the airport and it was never asked for again. Now, if that was because it had been checked “electronically” or whether they were going through the motions, who knows.

Thanks! Sounds simple for a tech curmudgeon like me.

My colleague at work was booked from Glasgow for June and had it transferred to Edinburgh. Virgin have provided him with free car parking at the airport. He's delighted as he stays closer to Edinburgh on the M8 corridor.
#964578 by David
20 Apr 2022, 19:17
I think VS are offering all Edinburgh bookings free long stay parking, they did offer me it and it was a new booking.

Be aware though, at this moment, there are NO courtesy buses running from the long stay at Edinburgh. You are expected to walk. God alone knows what state anyone and their cases will be in after that trek

It does say 6 to 8 min walk :-D :-D :-D

I’m guessing they should be back shortly now all covid regs are gone but the website tonight still states not at this time.

#964611 by buns
22 Apr 2022, 21:06

Many Thanks for the TR (sorry for being a little late to the party!!)

Yes, a nice touch by the VS Ground Crew at MCO who continue to collect passengers from the Delta Sky Club

Also, big thanks for the tip of grabbing the "express meal" as the current food offerings from VS are frankly dire

#964866 by David
17 May 2022, 10:21
SteveWithnell wrote:Popped into Disney Springs this morning and asked the security guys. Their view was the DS check-in had been closed due to Covid and would not be re-opening, certainly not any time soon.

I hope it comes back, we always use it as it makes the airport soo much easier.

Enjoy the sunshine

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