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VS029 LGW-BGI 7 MAY 17 (Premium Economy)

PostPosted: 08 Jun 2017, 11:17
by LucyLu
Ground Staff
Food & Drink
Cabin Crew
We left home quite early as the M3 was closed and weren't sure how long the journey would take, but our taxi got us to the North terminal for about 7:45am for the 11:05 flight. I had done OLCI but hadn't printed boarding passes. Checkin was pretty quiet and we were processed very efficiently.

Off to the No 1 lounge for some breakfast by 8:15 and we took it in turns to go out and buy bits and pieces (for the 2nd year in a row I realised I had left my Kindle at home - its an age thing - so I was off to buy books). Nice bacon rolls, some fruit and coffee, then onto the prosecco. The lounge was busy when we got there but emptied significantly by 9:30am. It is a lot larger then the one in South terminal but is divided into different areas, which is quite nice

We boarded on time and settled in. The seats on the A side of PE were given drinks and some of our side had them. Then the A side were given more which time I was getting rather frustrated as boarding was nearing completion and we still hadn't been offered a drink. We were offered drinks in the end, after a comment to the stewardess, but she then gave us the smallest glass possible of sparkling wine. (This was in great contrast the service on the return journey)

We left the gate early and took off within a reasonable time, so landed about 30 mins earlier than scheduled at the other end which was great.

Service onboard was OK with the usual drinks service and then dinner. Sitting at the back of PE there were only 2 choices of meal left for us. I went for veg thai curry and it was one of the worst meals I have had onboard in a long time. It was just boiled rice and some vegetables that had a mild thai flavour - no sauce whatsoever and very bland. The dessert was a cheesecake which I am not particularly keen on with ome very hard cubes of mango on top. Speaking to some friends who were on the same flight in EC I was gutted to find out they had a Gu pud!

The rest of the flight was pretty uneventful. I managed to watch a couple of films I'd been wanting to see, which was nice.

One thing I did notice onboard was the level of cleanliness on the plane in general. There just seemed to be grime in every nook and cranny, especially under the seats, dirty windows etc. On the return I noticed it again, as both our seats had to be wiped clean before we could sit down.

Anyway, flight over, we were off the plane, into immigration and our bags were some of the first off, so we got out of the terminal, hopped in a taxi and were in our hotel within 45 mins of disembarking the plane, which was brilliant.

Overall a good flight, but could have been improved by better service and nicer food.