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VS012 BOS-LHR 17 SEP 17 (Premium Economy)

PostPosted: 23 Oct 2017, 02:41
by roadrunner
Ground Staff
Food & Drink
Cabin Crew
Ohhh, that late departure is getting tough. Checked in by 7:30 pm, usual light bite at Dine Boston bar, through a very backed up security, and then flight delayed. Plane change from 787 to 330... eventually called to board, but still sat on runway a bit awaiting our turn.

For those of us who had been up early, it had been a long day. By the time we boarded (row behind bulkhead as great windows and no wing--I like to look out), most pax just wanted sleep. Dinner came quickly (not that interesting at 11 pm) as did sleep. Or it would have, if our neighbors in the front (bulkhead) hadn't fully reclined their seats into our laps. We asked them politely could they please crank it back just a little, as tho these seats have a terrific recline, they are not actually a friendly recline for those behind you. They did, about 10 cm. So we hestitantly asked the flight attendant and she sprang into action, no nonsense demanding those seats came up--for meals. Bang they snapped back afterwards. Fortunately, we could recline our own seats enough to be comfortable and still not disturb our neighbors behind us, even tho I couldn't leave the window seat without asking my partner to stand in the aisle, as there was no available knee room not occupied by the heads in the bulkhead.
Easy flight, we slept a good portion of it, tea welcome before landing (pilot somehow was a bit confused having announced our descent a good hour before we did) arriving late but gratefully into a very light immigration queue.
Love VS, comfortable PE seats, but no allowing for those who feel having bought a premium product, their comfort is paramount.