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#953482 by Miyamoto Musashi
29 Dec 2019, 05:50
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I was connecting from flight VS454 in LHR to take VS1. Flight VS454 was excellent - the crew wend above and beyond to make the flight comfortable, so I was looking forward to VS1.
Because I had a lengthy layover, I decided to use both the Arrival lounge as well as the clubhouse.
When I arrived in LHR, I made my way quickly (Immigration was a breeze with the egates) to the Revivals lounge. I decided to try the shower there - which in my opinion now, are not as comfortable as the Clubhouse showers. Breakfast was OK - the eggs Florentine were overdone, but overall a good start. I then went through security and through the mandatory duty free and onto the Clubhouse.
The clubhouse wasn't very full and I took a seat at windows at the far end of the lounge. I then opted to try a couple of dishes which were highlighted on the menu and are typically Israeli - The Shakshuka and the fried cauliflower. Both were OK.
Once a gate was posted I proceeded to the gate and was the first to board Upper Class. The crew was busy and didn’t really give any attention. I settled in and after changing went back to the seat. All throughout the crew didn’t give any attention to the passengers boarding.
Once the flight was under way the crew started coming through the cabin to take orders. I already entered my selection online and entered my choice for appetizer. The fight attendant that took the order was very short and impatient and wasn’t pleasant in the slightest. About 20 minutes later the appetizers started coming out and I got a cold bowl of soup. After a little while the entrees came through. I got an order of short ribs which was really good. It was melt in your mouth delicious. Finally for dessert I got a melted ice cream on a nauseously warm chocolate cake.
When we landed in Newark I realized we never got the light bites on the menu. We also never had a follow up beverage service.
This flight was a huge let down from the excellent service I had on my previous flight.
I wrote in a flight review into Virgin on both flights. I was surprised I only got a response on VS454 – Virgin never bother to respond to my review on VS1. I guess below average service is acceptable today in Virgin. Too bad.
#953521 by murphyg
02 Jan 2020, 19:30
That's so interesting! I've sent feedback a few times too re Premium experiences. I've gotten replies to the compliments but had to struggle and try again to get anything back re negative feedback

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