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VS188 BGI-LHR 25 JUN 22 (Economy)

PostPosted: 27 Jun 2022, 21:38
by VS075
Ground Staff
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Cabin Crew
This is for VS188 which originated in GND and I boarded at BGI.

After 10 nights in Barbados, it was home time. We arrived just under 3hrs before and checked in quite quickly along with quickly going through security. We were the only flight for the next few hours and the last of the day for that matter. Most of the shops were open, so a quick duty free purchase was followed by a Subway. I had no intentions of eating on the plane tonight as I was keen to get as much sleep as I could before the long drive back north the next day. About an hour or so before, G-VUFO landed from GND to take us back to LHR. Boarding didn't commence until about half an hour before. This time it was in the more usual order, so Upper/special assistance passengers first, anyone with "priority" status with airlines such as DL, then PE and then Y by row number blocks. 56G would be my seat tonight. I usually like window seats, but as this was a nightflight and focused on getting some shut eye, I wasn't bothered.

Before we pushed back, every overhead locker was opened and the crew then sprayed some anti-viral spray across the whole cabin (UN requirement apparently?). Safety video played and we took off a few minutes ahead of schedule.

The rest of the flight was uneventful until the end. I skipped the meal (chicken or veggie lasagne was on offer) but had breakfast about an hour before which was a warm filled croissant along with fruit and yogurt along with a brew. We descended into LHR and landed nearly half an hour early.

We were warned by the FSM that we would be on a remote stand due to our early arrival and that alighting would be delayed as paramedics would be meeting our flight to tend to an unwell passenger. Got to a remote stand and alighting (and medical assistance) was delayed due to the wrong set of stairs being sent to our aircraft! Eventually, the correct set of stairs was found and the medics boarded. Only then we were able to start alighting, however another pearl emerged where there was only one bus for the whole flight and it would take some time as only 45 passengers at a time could be shuttled to the terminal. After about 45 minutes, the crew at our end of the aircraft came round with water if we wanted it. Eventually, a second bus was found and we were able to disembark - it was over an hour after landing by the time I tasted fresh air. The ambulance was still at the aircraft when we eventually disembarked and I hope the passenger who took ill is OK. Taken over to T3 arrivals, went on a trek to immigration, went through relatively quickly and bags were coming through when we got there - one advantage of a slow disembarkation I guess.

I know LHR has been in the news lately about luggage meltdowns, but it was noticeable how many cases were left/abandoned between the different carousels. Is this normal or part of the fallout?

We joined the queue for a taxi (another £16!!) to go back to the Renaissance to collect the car and drive back north. Luckily it wasn't eventful and coffee most definitely helped.

Overall, another 2 decent flights with VS and we had a great time in Barbados. As somebody who lives close to MAN, I've come to the conclusion that LHR isn't worth the effort unless there's a flight to a destination you can't get to from MAN or if you're flying Upper until the MAN Clubhouse ever comes along. I think I will continue to stick to using VS from MAN as much as possible, but it was nice to finally try VS out of LHR even if it meant no Upper and its subsequent perks.

Re: VS197 BGI-LHR 25 JUN 22 (Economy)

PostPosted: 28 Jun 2022, 06:26
by David1946
Thanks for another interesting report

Re: VS197 BGI-LHR 25 JUN 22 (Economy)

PostPosted: 28 Jun 2022, 07:59
by Murraymint
Thank you again for your return TR. It is depressing to read about the shambles that can all too often happen at UK airports. I know that they are not alone but from my own recent experiences flying from Cyprus through Europe to the UK, they are much worse. Larnaca and Zurich airports were clean, efficient with pleasant staff (even security) and flights on time. Landed at EDI to a dirty terminal, rude staff and a long wait for luggage - even the Wi-Fi didn’t work.
Anyway, rant over - I’m glad that the VS experience was good for both flights and I look forward to my next flight with them in October when, hopefully, ground chaos will be much reduced. ;-)