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What ever happened too.........

PostPosted: 28 Sep 2017, 22:27
by lrdisco
Just rejoined V-Flyer after my 1 and only flight on VA in 2008 to DXB.
I was an avid reader of the Forums and remember HighFlyer and Richard Manion as well as others. What happened to them?
I can not remember my previous log in details so have had to re register.

Re: What ever happened too.........

PostPosted: 29 Sep 2017, 09:05
by buns
Welcome back to V Flyer :D

Since those heady days (when SRB used to host parties for VS Golds at his place in Oxfordshire and TP runs on Singapore Airlines ;-) ) many of the original posters have moved to "The Dark Side". No doubt attracted by the generous 2-4-1 offers in all classes and better chances of redemptions.

It is fair to say, the Airline industry has changed a lot in recent times as established Airlines in the U.K. Seek to manage the challenge of low cost carriers and the impact of the Middle East 3 upon their old operating model.

V Flyer still offers a friendly environment to find out all about the VS of today.


Re: What ever happened too.........

PostPosted: 29 Sep 2017, 18:02
by lrdisco
Hi Buns. Thanks for the reply.
Things really have changed. My cousin was a masseuse in UC years ago, who remembers that.
All crew went to a passing out party at SRB estate in those days. My uncle got drunk at my cousins do and according to my Auntie my uncle told SRB where he was going wrong!!!

I lived in Qatar for 5 years and travelled a lot but unfortunately VA did not fly there so I went to the dark side and as you said the 241s and availability of upgrades has kept me there.
I was just killing time last night and thought I would have a look for old times sake.
After looking I am going to have to try VA again.

Re: What ever happened too.........

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2017, 23:25
by honey lamb
Well some of us are still here - I for one. The site has gone through a few changes - as has the members.

The biggest change for many of our "sleeping" members was the change for requalification for Gold members was the upping of the number of UC return flights from 3 to 4 to retain gold. I for one knew that I wouldn't be able to achieve it again and it freed me up to try other airlines (although I remain loyal to V-Flyer). I have tried the dark side and remained unimpressed; have flown Aer Lingus transatlantically and have been impressed; have tried Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Ausralia, Air New Zealand, LATAM and Ethiopian Airlines with varying degrees of satisfaction. I'm at the stage where price dictates my choice of airline and I rejoice when it is VS.