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#959786 by cldcp00
01 Mar 2021, 00:09
I am a novice when it come to booking flights with point and appreciated some direction.

I discovered that I have in excess of 85,000 points and my wife has 35,000.

If its possible we hope to go to Antigua in early June for our wedding anniversary. I would like to use the point in a way that gives me the best value. Therefore I am looking some advice from the experts.

We normally book Business class when the prices are competitive. So wondered if the points can be combined and buy one ticket using points and the other with cash. or buying two PE and use the points to upgrade.

All suggestions would be greatly appreciated
#959849 by Q_Division
03 Mar 2021, 15:40
It is my understanding that you can't combine points as such but you can use points on sector/seat basis. However as I understand it, assuming you are buying a UC ticket, you can buy a companion reward ticket for 50% of the normal reward seat milage which would make it 57,400 ( ... oints.html).

PE-UC is just about achievable but you would need to aquire another 1100 miles as it's 28700 a sector (if I've read it right).

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