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#960641 by RyanJW
21 Apr 2021, 21:05
Hi all,

Been running into a few issues recently with Flying Club, such as missing miles/activity not showing up or being missing for days at a time. A few calls to FC line, seems like a long running issue.

Anyway, I recently crossed the 1000 tier points threshold and previously it was an automatic upgrade from Silver to Gold but its been a week now and its still showing Silver. I gave FC a call but they couldn't' figure it out and said I would get a call back (two days ago!).

Anyone else see this before?
#960663 by Kraken
24 Apr 2021, 21:58
I thought at one time - admittedly when Virgin were on their own booking system - the system "swept" Flying Club accounts once a week to look for upgrades that were due. Of course, they are now on the Delta booking system which is much slicker and faster.

Hope you get that callback from Flying Club soon!
#960684 by RyanJW
26 Apr 2021, 15:58
The Delta setup is pretty darn slick but the VS implementation seems to have some wacky issues that keep cropping up on the regular.

It's been a week since I spoke to them so I might do a follow up call and see where we are at!
#960818 by RyanJW
10 May 2021, 21:49
After a couple of phone calls and supposed emails from the Agent to the FC team, still no upgrade/update to my account. It's been a month now, but with all the noted FC weirdness going on the last couple of days I'll leave it a couple more days before calling again.

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