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#962416 by bassaidai2222
21 Oct 2021, 17:05
Greetings People ....for quite a while I have been trying to book car rental at Orlando for 2022 , I need dates from 21st april thro to 24th may but on all virgin sites the dates stop at 20th may ....I have contacted support and was told the dates show throughout may , well they dont. I have even tried the Fly Drive site and the same happens there . The Virgin chat site is completely useless and trying to phone is a total dead loss , its beyond a joke all this now .

Dave W ....Cornwall .
#962418 by flyingfox
21 Oct 2021, 17:25

I just did a dummy booking through the VS Flying Club Partners link here and i got results for your dates ( ridiculous prices!)

5C1BA043-58E2-427D-AD4E-9A176E36AC05.png (422.33 KiB) Viewed 1418 times

556DE830-2259-4A1B-A47A-6A8E0F7BDD9F.png (431.72 KiB) Viewed 1418 times
#962422 by NorthernLad
21 Oct 2021, 22:30
There may be a problem with the extended period you need, not all rental companies do online bookings for more than 28 days.
May need a phone call to the company to book this.

I have just made two separate bookings online since it suits me to swap the vehicle half way through the extended rental period I need.

Rental prices are currently high so I wouldnt be rushing to book something for next April/May, and I would be hoping some competition returns to the market.

I normally book about 8 weeks ahead at the earliest
#962424 by David1946
22 Oct 2021, 06:43
I agree it could be the extended period. Whilst we always book flights direct with VS I do the car hire through VH and can't book more than 28 days online. A quick phone call to VH normally sorts it.

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