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#963643 by McHaggis
20 Jan 2022, 19:59

it looks like (finally after 2 previous cancellations over 2 years) myself and my wife will get our holiday for her 'big birthday' which includes an UC flight from Heathrow to Miami in April, a short Caribbean cruise then flying up to Toronto for a short break before coming back to the UK.

My question isn't so much about the flight itself but I hope some of you seasoned travellers can advise on passport use.
I have dual passports - British and Canadian.

I have read online that I can use my Canadian passport to enter the US without an ESTA. Is that correct?
My Virgin flight travel information is all booked under my GBR passport details - does that mean I can't use my Canadian passport when I land in the US?

After the cruise when we go to Canada I must use my Canadian Passport to enter the country as I am not allowed to travel on my GBR passport with an ETA for that country.

I think the basic question is what link is there between the passport details I use to get on the Virgin flight from UK to Miami, and then what passport I present to customs and immigration when I land in the US? Does it have to be the same passport?

Sorry I find the dual passport issue confusing, but I'd like to use the Canadian one to avoid the ESTA charge if I can.
#963645 by woralla
20 Jan 2022, 20:30
I have two passports too. Basically the passport you check in with for the US needs to be the one you arrive at Immigration with, and you need to leave the US using it too (otherwise you might be marked as overstaying). You can amend your passport details either during online check-in or on your Flying Club profile.
#963647 by McHaggis
20 Jan 2022, 21:23
Thanks for that - so if I use my Canadian info on the API info at check in 24 hours before the flight, I present the Canadian passport to US Immigration.
When I leave the USA to travel to Canada I use the same passport (which suits actually).

Although I live in the UK, is it correct that flying on my Canadian Passport means I do not need an ESTA on arrival at the US?

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