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#965128 by Silver Surfer
23 Jun 2022, 17:53
Virgin Orbit has signed an agreement to acquire two Boeing 747-400 airframes to support the growing need for U.S. national security and allies’ satellite launch demands.

L3Harris Technologies (who modified Cosmic Girl) will modify one of the newly acquired airframes to serve as an additional airborne launch pad for Virgin Orbit’s small satellite launch service, with delivery expected in 2023.

It will be interesting to see where they are sourced from. Watch this space....
#965129 by 747 G-VROS
23 Jun 2022, 19:40
I have also seen this story reported with two different acquisition suggestions.
The first was that the two 747s would ex-JAL, but more recently it's been suggested that at least one of the aircraft would be from the ex-Virgin Atlantic fleet.
G-VROM and G-VROY already fly for Atlas Air with G-VROS being the third supposedly to fly again for them.
G-VGAL was acquired as a donor for the Atlas fleet.
It was muted that G-VLIP would be converted to cargo for Atlas but that now seems unlikely.
G-VXLG now flies for JetOneX and is currently stored at HAM awaiting maintenance.

Obviously I would like it to be G-VROS, but it's probably more likely to be G-VLIP if VO do source the 'new' 747 from the ex-VA fleet.


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